college days in my life: staying healthy, studying, classes, + more

[Music] [Music] good morning everyone happy Monday um today is like February 18th I think and it is like 30 right now 740 ish I went to a spin class this morning at 6 a.m. with my good friend Meghan it’s from 6 to 650 and then we waited until the smoothie king inside of the rec center opened at 7 so we waited to get a smoothie and I’ve got mine right there I’ve already finished most of it I was planning on making breakfast as soon as I got back but since I have that smoothie I’m probably gonna hold off me breakfast for a little bit longer I took Ella out as soon as I got home and I’ve just been sitting on the couch right now I’m finishing up my water bottle it’s crates that have already almost finished in 40 ounce today I drink so much water during spend but um having those free classes on the rag through the university is so amazing eppela to my second week of my life um of this month or semester or whatever last or last night yesterday something like that’s if you haven’t seen that definitely go watch it is a longer thing so if you like really long blogs and check that out and if you’re new here I am a junior in the University of Alabama and I’m majoring in accounting and finance and yeah just always feel like you have to say that from time to time and where my Lululemon scuba hoodie or my stuff to go to spend and then I wear this sports bra from fabletics I love the color of it and I have self-tanner on right now so like I love called Hannah makes me look cuz one of my normal color it’s like washes me out the end it’s one of the ones it’s like a little bit longer and then I wear my hind we sit a little bit fast and free printed leggings and I have on my Nike like Odyssey react I think is what I call the shoes so just logging today guys I just think I could get a good amount of footage just between you know like working out this morning and then I need to ship and package up the ton of Poshmark orders on a second I’m gonna probably do that in a little though and then I have closet too and mighty a class of five so that’s pretty much my day and then I have a test tomorrow and my finance for 12 class so I will be setting for that for most of today but I think right now I’m just in like Sarah here finish my water my smoothie which is only gonna be like 10 minutes and it’s on Pinterest and just like get inspired or whatever and then I’m probably um shower maybe and then after I shower I might be able to eat that’s gonna be my plan right now but I normally do not like waking up at 6:00 like I’m a full believer and getting the amount of sleep I need um so I don’t wake up at 6:00 and listen I have to or I can but last night I did go to bed try to go to bed at like 11:00 instead it’s it because we woke up at 5:00 because the past is get gone so early um so we got there at 5:30 yeah I went to bed a little bit earlier last night so I could go today okay the only thing is that the past like three three nights I just looked awfully I keep waking up at like 3:00 3:30 ish and I don’t like just wake up in the middle then I can go back to sleep I wake up and I’m like wide awake and I can’t go back to sleep I get I’m like like hot even though our ACS on and everything and it’s not warm in here I just got like hot and I can’t sleep and I’m like uncomfortable and it’s so annoying so happened again this morning I like 3:30 ish and I literally didn’t go back to sleep really I think I probably did from like fort of like 4:20 and then from like 4:20 I was like I’m not gonna go back to sleep because I’ll feel awful when I wake up at 5:00 so yeah so it’s just 9:15 right now I just made my breakfast favorite part of the day I just gobbled up some egg whites I have a piece of Eureka bread it’s this like sweet bread kind I don’t really know anything else about it but and then I thought white goes triple zero coconuts yogurt with Trader Joe’s toasted coconut granola I eat this like every morning you guys know and on my toast I have this strawberry honey butter that I found at Target it’s definitely not the healthiest thing ever but like guys this tastes so good if you can find it your target you have to get it I just always make sure to like make sure I use the serving size or smaller I don’t like go ham with the butter or anything on the toast but it’s literally delicious there were two for five and the other one I got was um cinnamon brown sugar honey butter I’m gonna put that on sweet potatoes one night this week so here’s my little breakfast I’m probably just gonna like play a youtube video or two for like ten minutes and just sit down eat my breakfast and just kind of like make a mental to-do list and kind of write my planner and I also have my iced vanilla latte that I made it with um — press oh and I just use unsweetened alarm all kind of frost it on the cold setting and the milk frother and then I put a splash of the AMA Muller creamer in it so super good my favorite part of my day by far I did shower and tidy up my room and packaged up the Poshmark orders so it’s really good because I already got all that done I just need to like go and physically shift the orders now I’m so I’ll probably — got a little bit hi guys so I went I like literally drove to the post office to do my Poshmark orders it was closed because the Presidents Day which just makes me even more mad that we have class on Presidents Day but it’s fine I’m about to start studying it’s 10:30 and I have to leave around 1:30 1:45 inch to go to class so I’m hoping to get a lot done in the next three hours I’m hoping I can kind of just like finish up the like actual note-taking process of studying now spend tonight I can just focus on like looking over everything till I’d really like to take a nap before my closet — and I don’t want to take like a long one I just want like a 20 30 minute now I’m just gonna fill up my water and sit down and study and I will probably do a little montage clip let me study [Music] so it’s 1:16 now I have to leave in about 30 minutes um I’m just cooking up some Trader Joe’s chicken cilantro wontons and I’m heating up this coconut rice from Target and this is gonna make way more than I’m gonna eat but I will just save leftovers for Jenna tonight at lunch tomorrow I did take a power nap because I was working on problems and it like twelve I just said there no later than twelve probably twelve twenty ish I decided I needs to lay down it’s just like take a power nap and I feel so much better now which is so nice but I was like in the middle of working on a problem and I just like wasn’t able to make sense of what was going on and the problem even though super straightforward because my mind was just so foggy and everything so that’s like the con of waking up early for me as I just can’t I can’t be on a grind all day long like I have to lay down at some point to get far enough and power naps aren’t a bad thing like because I literally only was asleep like twenty or thirty minutes but yeah if you’re wondering how I’m studying for my finance test we basically had these two like seven question assignments that were due and all of our math problems are coming from one of them and then I guess we’ll have conceptual stuff coming from the other even though the other is mainly math question so I don’t really know about that but um all I did was like rewrite the questions out and write down the answers and stuff so like here’s like the question and then I just write down the answers but instead of just like writing down the answers I like solve it as I go while looking at the right answer but I like write down the steps to solve so that time I’m studying for it is how I study for my business finance class when I took that a while ago so I’m just sending the same way for it because I don’t know if that worked a lot my business finance class and I’m hoping this test won’t be too hard tomorrow everything has been making sense so far I’m on getting to the harder problems right now and I feel like I know how to do everything but I feel like I know how to do everything because I’ve been looking at the answers as I’ve been going and I starting the study the conceptual stuff and a lot of its just review from like other finance classes I’ve had so I’ve got to study this finance or the conceptual stuff still and then I really need to like go through and make sure I actually know how to solve the problems instead of just like looking at the answers but they’re pretty straightforward I just wanted to go to the test tomorrow because it’s gonna suck really bad if I don’t know what I’m doing at any point on the test because I will definitely like freak out I’m bout to go to class right now I’m just wearing my Alabama wooly threads pull over by black glue and um these are the wander under leggings and then I’m wearing my little mini UGG boots it’s only 50 outside but I’ve been so cold all day and I just changed from my Luke jacket cause I wore it like twice last week so don’t repeat so many outfits and I haven’t worn this in a while so I figured I’d throw it on and just go with it if you like an overly much but I don’t care hey guys so it’s like four thirty inch I just left my car in the parking garage and I’m having him just drop me off in my class so it’s like a farther wall kinda cold so that’s really nice cuz I’ll just be dropped off but then I’ll have to walk all the way back to Minecraft or but hopefully I can catch a bus or something cuz it’s gonna be so cold when the sun’s not out it ain’t even cold don’t reason I’ll have a hoodie on is for the look I got a compliment from a professor who said nice jacket every time you’re killing it I’m like yeah well it isn’t nice looking jagged in between like when I got home from the sauce awesome before I left for this one I did get two problems son sounds really good for my fine study guide I don’t mean to laugh and one of them since up shil so it’s really nice so then the rest of tonight I can just spoke about focus on like actually learning them like learning the steps to solve everything I feel like I’m like 50% good which fits us right now so I still have quite a ways to go but I’m just going to cook dinner whenever we get a little bit and then I’ll probably think about going to Heritage House of study because I’ve been like sitting in my kitchen counter all day studying and I’m sick of it hi guys so I am back home now Megan and I stayed at Heritage House until they closed at 10:00 we really need a coffee shop and classical who says that stays open till at least midnight because I get sick of the library setting and I get sick of my bedroom but I never get tired of coffee shop settings yeah so now it’s like 10:30 1040s I’m probably going to study some more I’ve like gone through and I’ve worked all the problems and I liked wine because I kind of like figured out how to do most of them on my financial calculator but my professor my finance professor doesn’t know how to use a financial calculator which is like bizarre to me just because you use Excel but if we use our financial calculator on the test um we can’t get partial credit for questions if you’re like mess up or get them wrong or whatever so I part of me like it doesn’t want to use it but at the same time it’s so much easier to just do it in the financial calculator I kind of need to like make sure I know how to do both ways but what I’ve been doing is I went through and like reread the questions and answers like I told you guys earlier and then right now I’m going through my whole like outline of the questions and answers I’ve been doing from the two assignments and then my a line from the powerpoints of the conceptual stuff I’m making like a Quizlet for the stuff that I like I think I really need to know and focus on more except dude oh so I’m stuff I really like don’t like the focus on very much that I wrote down I’m wasted time on so I’m going to try and just I’m kind of getting like the essential stuff that I need to know into a Quizlet so I can just focus on that Quizlet tomorrow while I’m in my classes up until my test so it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and it’s gonna be cold again and supposed to rain like the next three days that’s awesome but I honestly am like cramping pretty bad and I really don’t feel like studying anymore but I know I need to a little bit I’m at least gonna try to tell like 11:30 and then hopefully call it an early night cuz I’m definitely tired you good morning everyone happy Tuesday it’s another super clubbing day at Tuscaloosa my room is actually so dark right now but if they Carolee tall um it’s like 910 I’m fixing to leave it for my 9:30 class I debated not going but we are getting out review for our test it’s on Thursday so I need to go I went to bed pretty late I like decided at 12:40 that I was just like brain dead and I couldn’t do any more studying for finance so I just got in bed and I probably don’t fall asleep till close to wine and then I woke up at 7 because my intentions were to get up walk Ella and then go ahead and like get a little bit of studying done and just kind of taking my time getting ready I was gonna be studying for that full time before my classes but I at least wanted to get a little bit in but I woke up at 7 I did take Ella out and I realize how hungry I was and I didn’t want to go ahead and eat my breakfast because then I would be starving for lunch like way before I would have to get the chance to eat lunch and I don’t really have any snacks I can take with me to campus so yeah I ended up lying back in bed from probably like 7 40-ish to like 820 and I definitely it not like passed out um and I was asleep for that time and then I got up and packed up my bag and I’m bout to go I need to got my coffee and I need to fill up my hydrofloss but I’ll show you guys my outfit real quick it’s off it’s a little bit different today not wearing leggings for once but I am wearing my Lululemon scuba hoodie which it’s not new these joggers are from boohoo let me turn my light on Sue’s joggers are like navy blue and they’re from boohoo and they’re actually too big on me like they’re really definitely made for people with longer legs and me because I have these rolled but I’m wearing them for my supper guys so since they’re a little bit big they do like slide down and then once they slide down they get like kind of unflattering so I just need to try and hold them up during the day and they aren’t the most flattering things ever on me just because they don’t fit me right but they are so comfy and it’s like cult today but I didn’t want to wear leggings because I feel like I am always so cold even when it’s not that cold outside but it’s because I’m wearing leggings are not real pants so yeah I decided with to go with the jogger today but they’re kind of hard to match since they’re Navy but I just figured this would be better than like a white sweatshirt or at least would be warmer so picks I’m gonna go right now I’m just going to put on some this lineage or lineage and when I hover you say it let mask because my lips are really chapped and I don’t feel like digging my backpack for my Mario Badescu one so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and leave I probably won’t be able to talk to you guys just gonna begin like panic mode all day I’ve missed my test and it’s always hard to talk to you guys on Tuesdays and Thursdays cuz I’m so busy and then Thursday or tonight not Thursday I have DSP a a I’m gonna try and work out when I get home but I might need a nap honestly when I get home and then I’ll work out but we will see and I would just talk to you guys whatever I see you hi everyone I am done with my classes and tests and working everything and then pause my podcast so I don’t miss it my Testament well I think I’m pretty sure like on all my because it was like a multiple-choice questions I think I know for four or five multiple choice in like three true or false and I think got all of those right I’m like nine percent sure but then there were five like math ones I use my financial calculator for like all of them except for like two I think I’m not used to formulas on the others because the other two were like not very complex so I don’t know if I hit new partial credit on those two and those were the two that I was worried about like I don’t really know if I got them right or not like they were just a little bit different than the problems we had in our assignment so they’re just like threw me off a little bit but I think I did well overall like it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I’m hoping for like a be I mean obviously I want an A but I think realistically that could have been a B if he gives me partial credit right now all I’m gonna do I have a ton of Poshmark order sitting right here and I need to go take them because I tried yesterday like you guys know and it was Presidents Day so it’s closed and some of these I’m like all my final notice for shipping just because last week was so insane I didn’t I had like no time last week to ship anything out except for on Friday and I just didn’t have everything packaged up on Friday and I also had a bunch of new purchases on Friday from people in Poshmark I really want to work out so I think I’m gonna do is um go by Publix right now because it’s literally right across the street from my parking garage and get some protein bars because I didn’t eat lunch I just had a bagel and a nice coffee before my twelve o’clock class and it’s 3:00 now so I’m pretty hungry but I just really want to get a bunch of power Crunch Bars because I don’t know I mean I could get them on Amazon but I’m obviously not gonna wait for him right now so I’m gonna go get those and then drop these orders off by the post office and then go home and work out hi guys so it’s like 4:15 I’m going to the gym I’m just going to my apartment gym though my friends over there studying for his intermediate accounting to test having information systems yeah stupid class never take it my class is from last semester that I hate it um I’m wearing a little lemon tank lilamon power white sports bra leggings are fabletics seamless and then my my New Balance shoes I’m going to do legs I guess I’m wearing my scuba hoodie from the loo over cuz it’s pouring down rain and storming right now and so I kind of don’t want to wear this over there but it’s warmer than some of my other jackets I can wear I just got back from the gym had a great leg workout and now I’m making it smoothie I just have four large strawberries in here a couple Ice Cube’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk a chunk of mango and then like fresh mango and then a few little chunks of frozen pineapple and then I’m going to do two scoops of this protein from Target it’s like 25 bucks so it is pricier but it is a huge container and I just have I’m like skeptical of trying proteins out like I haven’t tried before and you can get samples but I’ve already been through like one of these this year so I really really like it and I’m just gonna blend this up it’s 5:30 right now so I’m going to make this drink it shower cook dinner do dishes and then head to DSP step to plan dinner sweet potato lemon garlic butter chicken and green means hi guys so I’m back home now I went to DSP and I was out for like an hour with the speaker my phone is in the same spot um and I went to my friend Megan’s after that and just um sat out her place for a little bit and just talked to her and my friend Abbi whose birthday it was for for like 45 minutes and then I dropped them off they were going to play bingo at their shop and then I’m back home I am literally so tired I’m probably going to just watch some YouTube videos and call it a night here in a little bit I just want to show you guys what I wore and I had on I have on my aunt Louisa a little gold braided hoop things I’ll leave everything link down below spiders from forever 21 it’s not in this flattering thing but it was cold H&M; pants as always and my little shoes are from boohoo so that was the thing good morning everyone it is a Wednesday and it’s like getting close to 10:00 I think I’ve been up for about an hour and I definitely woke up a little bit later this morning just because there was no reason for me to really get up I neither did my management and study guide for my test tomorrow but we get to here’s our study guide on the test like study for it but I need to actually do it that’s really all I have to do today and I would like to take my notes for my class today before class but I’m honestly already behind on them so I’m gonna go ahead and catch up on them probably like tonight or tomorrow or Friday or something but the mom is coming in town this weekend and I have to get done like a video interview and just some other like little things before she comes because I don’t want to be stopped doing them like on Monday right now I’m just gonna figure it’s about to start raining and it’s like I just like love the vibe right now so I just really want to sit down and chill I’m so tired I didn’t say fall again and I’m just gonna drink my coffee and I think one edited this blog and go ahead and get it ready to upload tomorrow probably but I just wanted to go ahead and end it off thank you guys so much for watching be sure to subscribe if you aren’t already and give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and let me know if there’s any specific videos you want to see because I have been like having ideas in my head about I don’t really know if I should be making like normal videos about them or I should be implementing them into vlogs like I really want to do like some help than like a wellness tip so I feel like I’ve kind of picked up on lately and I don’t know if I should do that in a separate video or put it in a blog my skincare routine or if I should do a separate video or not like let me know what you guys think or if there’s anything specific and I will see you guys in my next video thanks for watching okay

Edit Services.wmv

this is a short video to show you how to edit services that already exist in an itinerary so you go long to your itinerary list click on the details and it will show you all the services that are included in an itinerary okay and then you just click Edit itinerary and you pick the service that you want to change so let’s say in this picker instance I’m going to change dinner so what you do is you click on the service line below the supplier and a smaller to box the edit box will appear to the right hand side when you click that box the you’ll get the selective service pop-up box and it shows you all of the services that are available containing the supplier dinner now if you want to change dinner to any other supplier you just clear way supplier name and hit Search it give you a list of all of the suppliers and let’s just say we want to get you can see here lunch I don’t get let’s go down here and take a lunch and we’ll take the we put in this sandwich banana and chicken leg and drinks so click that add add a two day and I generally pick the date that we wanted to go in and click the third which is the date that we wanted and just save okay and so that will quite simply replace the original service you close this box the service like Sarah sponsored by clicking up here you see that the service has been added now when you edit a service it always appears at the very top of the itinerary list and if you want to move a service down and just to reorder you just go click click and then you have everything in order okay and simply just update their tannery and that’s the change is made and that’s a very very simple video and showing you how to edit or service and now you can see that they have lunch in on that particular day so it’s very very simple operation so again very very briefly pick a when you have the detail that Henry open click Edit go to the service that you want the edit button will appear click the edit button select the service that you want or clear this away and just go search all of the available services and select the one you want and it’ll add it to the itinerary that’s it very very simple very easy and quite quite a simple it’ll operation and that’s the end of this quick video on editing services

100 Paper Airplanes to Fold and Fly — Usborne Book Review

[Applause] hello everybody and welcome back to another Killaloe video so today I am here with Karate Kid 7 I’m already at 77 and we are going to be doing a little bit of paper airplane making today so we have with us one of our favorite Osborne boys all-time 100 paper planes to fold and fly the great thing about this is that there’s all kinds of different planes that you can fold and then it actually shows you how to make them but the coolest thing is that as you flip through the book there’s all kinds of different designs that you can basically tear the pages out of the book and fold them into all kinds of awesome designs so they end up looking like this which is super awesome so we’ve already got a couple of them here we want to make one on camera as well so you can see how awesome it is so we think they ready to make some paper airplanes yeah let’s do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay kk7 you’re up first plane flight see how it goes oh nice it’s pretty nice pretty nice through I think all right I’m gonna see if I could throw mine okay ready one two three oh yeah oh yeah very nice mine had some pretty good distance on it as well so let’s go see how they how they look when I land it oh so cool man look at that I love that one that has the the jaws on the side and your guy has a little here’s real pilot in there which is awesome and flames coming off the side so yeah guys that is the paper airplane folding video let us know if you want us to make some of the other styles of paper airplanes you can do them with regular paper as well but the us-born book actually is a is a really awesome way to you know have some fun use some new cool designs and then the awesome paper that’s that’s in there as well makes it really a lot of fun so anyway guys that is it for the paper airplane challenge we had a lot of fun making these awesome planes and flying them around the house I hope you enjoyed it as well check out the US for an book 100 paper airplanes to fold and fly we love that book right yeah there’s a lot of fun and it makes some really super awesome paper airplanes so we’ll leave a link in the description hope you enjoyed this video and we will see you on the next one bye

Free Essays for FEB 2014 | Free Original Term Papers for College and University Students

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Turbo charge your thesis: reading, note-taking and writing

Turbo charge your thesis: reading, note-taking and writing

hi everyone I’m Nick awkward if you haven’t come across people I’m a senior lecturer at UTSA this video you might be being asked to watch it because you’re going to be working with me in a workshop called turbocharged your thesis or turbocharged or thesis writing or something like that in which case this is a video that helps you prepare for that workshop but we’ll spend a busy day doing a lot of activities that give you a chance to put some of the things I’m going to talk about actually into practice and to try them out in a risk-free low stakes environment now you might just come across this video through Twitter or a blog or through links on YouTube in which case I hope it’s useful to you and I guess the point is it would then be up to you to think about creating the conditions and what to make in which it makes sense to try some of these things out the idea of turbocharged is not about cheating or shortcuts or compromising on the quality of research on the writing and the reading that you do just to be quicker but I was inspired to do this workshop or prompted to do it because I realized that over time I’d learned a lot of strategies and I attended like a workshops here at the UTS library and I realized there were more I could have learnt and I’ve been trying them out which enable you to be more strategic and purposeful in the way you read write notes and write and they can be empowering and exciting and help you build confidence and they can save you lots and lots of time and I’ve been very vocal in stuff for a lot of people particularly doctoral students and masters by research students the default can be actually what’s quite a time consuming on strategic and inefficient way of reading and writing and you might feel bad for doing some of the things that I’m saying and you might disagree that’s that’s fine that’s normal but what I am trying to do is to suggest that it’s not just about trying to do things quicker but a try it’s trying to do things smarter and one of the outcomes are doing things smarter is that you often will actually end up doing them quicker I’ve got some notes here to just carol to help you get the lock there are three areas are going to cover number one read how you approach read how fast can you read how much should you read do you have to read everything everybody writes to note-taking what do you write or anything when you’re reading and three writing and preparing for writing or warm-up writing and this is not about how to do good writing or the content of phrasing and structure and things like that this is about reading note-taking and writing so firstly reading you might assume that we take an article and we read it from start to finish or a book or a chapter in your book or policy document or something else I would say for me now that’s rarely the case obviously for some things I know they’re important I’m going to read at the beginning and I’m going to read every word in detail to the end that’s fine Oh some things I may read two or three times I might read them very very slowly and I might go back and read them again and try and understand them when it’s relevant spending a lot of time reading something that’s really important or difficult is absolutely sensible and then break the right thing to do but that’s not always going to be the best approach that’s not always going to what you need to do that’s not always going to be what’s the most relevant to do so I’m going to talk through a few things that I’ve learned from the UTS library and over my own experience and talking to colleagues things that can help you maybe think differently about reading one of them is previewing so maybe you have got like I do a big tall pile of articles that you think you should read that people have sent you what you’ve found through online or you’ve got them from the library or you set in the library and you’re looking at a shelf a big giant list of journals previewing is really about a form of reading that helps you make a decision about what kind of reading to do next if any so you can look at titles section headings captions under figures or photographs you can even look at the references so it might be that something looks by the title to be relevant to your field but you look at the way the headings work and you look through the references now actually this is not a kind of study that’s of the kind that’s relevant to me actually in the field I’m talking about although it looked relevant it may not be so this is about getting a sense of the content of something and may looking a more informed decision about whether you think it’s worth reading on that may also be a precursor to which sections you may want to read skimming is not cheating skimming is about looking through a text to try and find its main ideas before you make a judgement to spend an hour or two hours reading a paper you can skim it it’s often normally three or four times faster than actual reading and some people can skim it much more than that it doesn’t mean you’re trying to avoid the content it’s actually about finding what the key ideas are so you’re reading through you can have a lot of material ahead of you and you’re trying to distill out what the key ideas are it’s not reading at this point the thorough understanding it’s reading for the key ideas and it may be but that’s enough to say okay those are ideas I’m familiar with these are authors I’m familiar with this is a study I’m familiar with that has other publications and I want to get a sense of how this particular paper is different from other things that have been written so you might use skimming to see if an article of interest is actually worth reading more so after a bit of previewing skimming could be there as a way of doing it skimming is not about cheating or missing things out it’s about looking for key my key ideas now scanning is kind of like a more purposive version of skimming scanning is a technique to locate specific things relevant information so it might be that you’re looking at something because you using a theory that you’re working with or a methodology you’re interested in or is something which you know is kind of some findings that you really need to get your head around so scanning is a very purpose if I don’t need to take everything that’s in this paper I need to look just at this it may be something where you expect the literature review will be Rajee familiar to you and so you can scan for other things you may be scanning for how did these people do their analysis it may be that you’re coming back to a paper you’ve read before from start to finish and now you’ve got a new purpose I have heaps of notes on my wall here where I’ve read papers two or three times the first paid time I might have just previewed it or skimmed then I might have read it in depth and now I’m coming back and I’m scanning because I’ve got a new purpose what do I want to look for this time ah I wanted to know how they did their observation or what they did with their interviews or quite remember something what am I going for — scanning purposive it’s on your terms you don’t have to read things on the terms of which the people wrote them you’re reading for your purposes now that there can be what you call reading analytically this focus is on a whole text structure or categories or hierarchies of information reading analytically is about how is something organized now it can be really useful to you if for example you’re at the stage of writing a paper yourself or writing your thesis and you say I just can’t get this flow or I can’t get the right structure or I’m not quite sure what order to do things or what’s a priority for me if you read some things analytically they could be texted you know really well already there could be new ones to you you can be you’re not looking for the word-for-word content you’re looking for how did this person organize their ideas why does certain things come before others that could be looking at subheadings or themes if there is an analysis where it says you know we had three themes it could be if this person has written their paper well looking at the first sentence of each paragraph and thinking how did they go from one to the other what was the order in which ideas were introduced often the first sentence of a paragraph will be a key to what the whole paragraph contains so that organizational level you may not need to read the whole thing you can just be reading analytically for certain things you might be thinking about two ideas that you know you’re really interested in and how they relate to each other I should mention actually the many of these ideas and the notes I’m referring to came from a workshop I attended here at the Graduate research school a UTS run by Terry Royce on thanking him and acknowledging from this resource it’s been able in me to put into words and into an organized form something out of a struggle to do by myself the next thing on this is then close reading now of course this is what many others do by default and I’m not saying that all readings should be quick reading or cheap reading but when we do close reading what I’m saying is we should be doing it for the right reasons not just because we read everything equally closely and we have to think okay I’m deciding to read this closely now what is the closeness that I want am I looking for how this person crafts their words because this is one of the most beautifully expressive writers I’ve come across am I looking for the intricacies of theory is it everything about their discussion and their findings that I’m really interested in or when we’re really trying to hone in on their lit review either because I want to know what they’ve been reading and what’s known in my area or because I want to use this to learn how to write my own lick with you so even close reading doesn’t have to apply to a whole text you can of course read a whole text very closely and even if you read the whole text closely doesn’t mean you necessarily start at the beginning there are all sorts of things to do with reading and reading differently that you may be able to add or try out and this is not an exhaustive list just what I’m putting out there is the idea that you don’t have to read everything the same way and in fact it doesn’t make sense to do so if you start everything by making lots and lots of reading slowly making lots of notes I doubt that’s going to be serving you well you’ve got to think about what kind of reading is going to serve me well here there’s nothing dishonest or disingenuous about skimming some things scanning others reading abstracts and titles for the studies are the closest to yours you’re going to want to know them in very much depth there might be some studies that aren’t really that closely related to your own work but you just have to know they’re there in which case there’s nothing wrong perhaps with just reading the abstract if you’re not going to be citing it in-depth you just need to know these people did this and this is what they found fine I may be making a big mistake here by revealing this and making this public but I’ll tell you I do that all the time I read a lot of things very closely and I use many of these other approaches when I think it makes sense to me of course you could always go back later and read closely you don’t necessarily skim first and read closely later you might be closely then come back and scan with the purpose now I’m going to talk a bit about note-taking now I used to be I think one of the world’s worst note takers I remember when I was studying in school the book in French and I used to get pens and I had red black and blue and underlined the words and once the teacher forgotten her book and so I said oh you can borrow mine I’ll share with somebody and she looked at my book I said Nick every sentence in the whole chapter of this book is underlined what are you doing and she was right not underlining meant nothing apart from it made the book harder to read I’ve got articles where I’ve highlighted well over fifty percent of the text using my little highlight I’ve got notes here on myself I can show you where I was typing up notes as I was reading more afterwards and they were almost as long as the paper in itself what a waste of time so I’m going to talk about a number of things firstly I’m going to think about if you’re highlighting things or underlining things by hand or making notes in the margins marginal notes I think are really interesting actually but highlighting underlining why are you doing that and how much are you doing it how much the more you’re highlighting the less discerning you are being when you’re highlighting something if you think about it if you’re highlighting 10% of an article it means something’s got to be really quite important before it gets highlighted 50% when half the things are getting in and half the things are about highlighting isn’t telling you much about what’s important so highlighting and underlining and typing up as you go along of course they have a role but you’ve got to be in control of them and make them a discerning what justifies you highlighting something what justifies you making some notes here are some alternatives that you can do firstly and one of my favorites that I’m currently kind of really interested in is concept maps and I’ve got an example here a concept map is a link between different ideas now this one is it’ll be backwards because it’s kind of mirrored through my computer camera doesn’t matter about reading the text it can be are the ideas that the authors present so you could do some analytical reading about the different structure and things like that and then how they relate together a concept map these different ideas or themes and how they relate together you could have a concept map that was much more based on your own ideas so it could be what am I taking from this and it could be even ideas that are from your study maybe not in the author’s own words but it’s something you’re taking from that text so it’s a link between ideas so it’s an illustration of ideas and what links them you see this is quite simple now what I would do is I would read a paper and at the end of it I’ll give myself one sheet of a4 and I would that’s my limit and I write up the concept map on that I don’t write it as I go along and read the paper and I write it at the end it also means I’m a bit quicker cuz I read the paper in one go so I kind of wit flow with the authors rather than breaking up excuse me by writing different notes at different times I’m reading the paper I’m in the flow then I write at my concept map this is about notes of organize ideas and how they relate to each other you could also write lists I don’t do this but I know some people have so you could make lists of the key ideas lists of the key references or areas of literature lists of concepts lists of findings or analytical themes and lists of implications that could be a very easy way to come back and you can be looking at your notes and going okay what did this person say about the literature Britain there you go you’ve got it very accessible and very easy you might in some lists add some things so if it’s concepts you might add a sentence or two about a definition what additional information if any might you want to put onto a key point you could also do and this is hard and in one sentence summary this is you read an article and you give yourself one sentence to write down what you’ve done now this may not be the only note you take but it’s a really good thing to do along with some of these other things I often put a one sentence summary on the top of the concept maps I do this forces you to think what is the most important thing I took from this not what did that also want to say what is the most important thing I’ve taken from this study there’s a five sentence versions without which I call the five sentence synopsis and you can choose which kind of five sentences you might want to work with so it could be what’s the context that aims their methods and findings and conclusions that’ll be quite a standard one and you’d also might want to add what would it mean for me you could be something about who are the authors while theory did they use what were the key concepts what were the key messages what do I need to follow up on five completely different sentences there from the first look you could choose which five sentences are going to be best for me in summarizing this given the purposes I’ve been looking for you might have another approach is a limited number of key quotes so this is about directly taking phrases and often on a concept map I’ll put a page number or even write out a phrase if it’s a really really juicy quote that’s beautifully articulated it expresses what I want to say no I’d say again don’t go crazy highlighting your copy and pasting the fact is that quotes already been written by somebody else so you do generally need to write to the game you might set yourself a limit maybe two or five what are the two best lines or sentences from this paper and why do I choose them and why are they good and this is starting to use note-taking to force you to think to really do some hard thinking note-taking shouldn’t be a passive activity just so oh yeah okay I’ve read this up should write it down it’s an active one where you shape the interaction between you and the knowledge that you’re engaging with in the literature I might add at this point though there’s another form of reading that you could engagement which might be called critical reading this is different from analytic reading that I mentioned before it’s about the organization’s or ideas critical reading is about kind of judgment and saying well what it aspects of this are good and what are less good and of course your notes may reflect that you may make some five sentences on what the three key strengths and the two limitations or the two flaws that you found in that study so you may be making notes that are critically oriented like that a famous way of note-taking is what might be called an annotated bibliography or this might happen after you’ve made some notes and this I would say is probably a slightly more elaborate or systematic way of the five sentence summary it doesn’t necessarily have five components to it you might have a number of heading some of which you use all the time and some of which you don’t I use ones like why do I read this what did I find out one of the key arguments what were the methods used are they saying that there’s more research needed what was the design all sorts of things like that annotated bibliographies you can google that and you’ll see lots of examples I’ve done an example of an annotated bibliography and my own blog when you look it up about the works by Theodore chatsky this is not an exhaustive list of ways to make notes on literature I’m sure there are lots more out there I’m early in my experience of trying to find out ways to make my note-taking more interesting and more effective and by effective I mean note-taking that forces you to think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and note-taking that serves me well when I come back to my notes coming back to notes to the three pages long I’ve got an EndNote library full of those like that are not that useful to me am I we were looking back at the original and that’s probably better anyway if I’m going to cite something I’m always going to go and check in the original I don’t take it amount of context but my concept maps they really helped me figure out oh I remember that paper here are the ideas and yes I do want to cite something directly from this so I go to the original so concept maps lists one sentence summaries five sentence summaries key quotes really key quotes selectively highlighting or underlining yes margin notes in the margins and things like that my concept Maps you can see like this they’re done by hand because I find it quickest but I do scan them and put them as a PDF in my EndNote library so that I can find them again pretty easily online so although they’re not searchable in terms of the words in there I can look through them online without having to come back to my big bookshelf here now I promise I’ll talk about three things and I’m true to my promises so what I’m going to talk about now is prewriting and just to prove that these are not just purely my ideas here are the resources that I’m going to refer to from that I got from the UTS library but I think about these things now one of the things I think is really important is the idea that you warm up for writing if you’re going to go and run a marathon you warm up and you practice four things and I think one of the things that makes writing difficult is the fact that we kind of we go from nothing to starting to write what we hope is going to be the final text or something close to it there are all sorts of writing that come in between having read and make notes or thought about something and the writing and these in-between things often change your ideas so you write yourself into new understandings of course your ideas change as you actually go writing full texts one of the things I find most exciting and releasing if you like is free writing that’s just put all my books away often I switch my computer off from my email off don’t have any literature there I just write that could be I’ve read something I’m just going to write what I’ve remembered from it or what I took from it it could be I’ve read 50 things over the last week what I’ve been taking from it or it could be here’s a draft of a chapter or an idea for an abstract of a paper you’ll be amazed what you know what you in fact it’s often the best writing when I’ve had problems with voice beep my supervisors in the passage to say Oh Nick I think this needs more voice it’s a very common problem that many students have well if you’re free writing you don’t have anybody else whose voice is interfering with you it’s just you you don’t have to worry about citations references and quotes and years and authors and all that you just write what you think of what you want to say and you just stop and you stop there is no editing of free writing you just go and go until oh no it’s half a page until you run out of ideas it’s fine free writing is just about getting ideas out there on the page you don’t have to regulate it or evaluate it as you write along there is no bad free writing just as making notes can be involved listening and things like that I think making lists is really useful for thinking about writing often I’ve listed the number of things I want to say and if it’s for a paper usually that’s way too many and you have to cut them down and then you can think about how can I organize those now what you could do is a warm-up I’ve seen some people try this is do something completely unrelated to your research to get your brain working so you might for example write a shopping list and then think how can I organize these well I can organize the items by which shop they’re going to come from how expensive they might be whether they’re to be eaten or not to be eaten or whether they’re large or small items and that will just very quickly get you going you could do the same with a whole number of things if you’re writing a paper what are the ideas who are the people I want to refer to how can I group those together doing that for example for a lit review could be really useful because you end up don’t end up with a paragraph equals person or paragraph equals paper structure but rather you group them together so listing and outlines is really useful brainstorming is that presumably familiar to many of you but it’s a very good way I think of starting writing or warming up for writing brainstorming is a kind of a very unstructured just free flow of ideas and it may be through a brainstorm that you create a list so who knows what these things might come in various orders blank piece of paper and you just dump everything you can think about an issue there’s no judgement no prioritizing no valuing anything in this moment it’s just everything you can do that without any things around do it first and then you can add to it and then after that you can start doing some organizing and critiquing and quite often you can tone a brainstorm into a concept map you can group things together you can dismiss some things as less important or less relevant and so a brainstorm can become a concept map or a mind map that’s me sorry about that so my mapping writing warm-up writing all of these things I think counters warm-up writing or planning writing as well you could I was told when I was doing my exams in undergraduate alright sit on your hands first sitting on my hands and then plan before you write and planning can be outlines you can write your headings and your subheadings I’ll often write the headings subheadings and in the first sentence of each paragraph I said before if things are written well you can read the first sentence of each paragraph and get a sense of the ideas and how the paper flows writing the first census with a paragraph first what’s this paragraph about and then you can move them around to think well okay is there something I need between here and here okay that’s probably a new paragraph that you need then this is two paragraphs saying essentially the same thing in which case if you’re like me and you usually write more than is good then delete one of them so writing like that outlines headings you can also do little bits of warm-up writing as a summary so I’m gonna write a paper about this this is why it’s important this is why the readers of this journal will be interested in it so a huge number of things I’ve covered here very very quickly for those of you who are going to be in the workshop with me or turbocharging workshop we’re going to spend a day you’re going to get chance to try out heaps of these things you’re going to be reading things in ways you’ve never read before can be making new kinds of notes and seeing how it goes and you’ll be going to doing some writing under extreme time pressures it’s going to be really really fun but it’s a very safe environment for you to try things out it doesn’t matter if it all goes wrong point is that you get to learn and try out new things I’m really happy for people to add to this video by adding comments underneath if you’ve got other suggestions maybe you think I’m a lazy academic who cheats all the time fine I’m not saying read everything really really quickly and cheat at the reading or take shortcuts what I am saying is read smartly taking notes smartly after making fewer notes he’ll be better notes and we make a result of better thinking and we bet it more useful to you afterwards and when you write if you like me if I’d writing hard do some warm-up writing prewriting mind maps brainstorms lists and outlines first sentences of each paragraph so I hope you found this useful once again I’d like to acknowledge the Terry Royce on the University of Technology Sydney graduate research school they really helped me organize my thoughts and get some of these resources together for those of you who are joining me in the turbocharged workshop I hope to see you soon and for those of you who’ve just been watching this student from another University I hope this is useful and if you’d like to come and do a workshop with getting in touch with me take a

Sample essay 1 with admissions feedback

Sample essay 1 with admissions feedback

what I really appreciated about this essay is that the student really took the time to paint a very vivid picture about her experience in this accident and what she learned from it this entire time and and the lesson learned from this experience she clearly went through a traumatic experience having an accident and going through an accident and then was able to turn it around into a positive really explain to us how she was able to conquer her fear and then become an EMT which is something that we as admission officers like to see that resilience that ability to take something that could be a very disturbing moment and really apply it and learn from it in a way that benefits other people and it benefits themselves in the long run which i think is those are all great things the one area that I thought would have been a little bit helpful for us as admission officers the essay she spent a lot of time really again painting that picture setting the scene and I think some students one of the sort of the things that we see a lot is students spend a lot of that time in that as a valuable space on that essay really setting that scene and they don’t really capitalize the moments that they have to explain what they learned we really only get that in the last — I would say the last paragraph of this essay in this idea of I conquered my fear I was able to revisit something that was painful for me and now I’m an EMT and I’m able to help other people going through similar experiences and it would have been nice to hear that a little bit earlier on in this essay she spent practically four paragraphs really sort of going through every detail of both the accident itself and then becoming an EMT and it sometimes can be again you only have so many words on this essay to really put yourself out there and so I would have spent a little bit more time really getting to the point a little earlier on I sort of last last takeaway as I read this essay is I think it’s beautifully written really vivid imagery which I love to see but I would spend a little bit more time really thinking about you know what do I want the admission office and the admission officers to learn about myself through this essay beyond being able to conquer her fear how is that applicable to her as a college student on our campus perhaps it means that she might want to pursue pre-med or the sciences as a possible academic journey or it says something about her commitment to civic duty and the community and spending a little bit more time going back to this idea of how is this impactful on the student itself and what do we learn about the student spending a little bit more time allowing us to get to know getting to know her in a more intimate way I think would serve her really well in this essay

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cbd Cannabis Extraction…The Simple Truth Revealed

Why Everybody Is Talking About Cbd Cannabis Extraction…The Simple Truth Revealed

No matter your preferred method of extraction is, we can provide help. Ultrasonic extraction can be done with a wide range of solvents. Subcritical extraction is not as likely to damage terpenes. Please don’t be affected by the solvent-less propaganda since it is not applicable to food-grade ethanol extraction.

The Cbd Cannabis Extraction Cover Up

BHO Extraction can seem hard but should you have the correct BHO extractor and tools, you’re going to be extracting the very best BHO in virtually no time. Cannabis extraction can be challenging, if you don’t understand what you’re doing. The rosin method doesn’t actually require a solvent, which makes it increasingly attractive and additionally not a cannabis extraction in the slightest. Cannabis extractions with alcohol are easy, fast and safe to do, producing a very first high quality concentrate if done properly.

Cbd Cannabis Extraction Secrets That No One Else Knows About

There are lots of methods to produce extracts that can be confusing for the consumer. Instead of garbage in garbage out you will have varying quantities of extract based on the standard of the raw and your own personal process capability. After the solvent evaporates, the last extract is similar to a tar. Medical grade extract is created.

While concentrates like hash and kief are made out of natural techniques, extracts are defined by the simple fact they’re made utilizing a solvent. Distinct extracts provide different deliverability strategies, which influence the last effect of the extract. If you wish to have a high CBD extract free of THC, you must use hemp or CBD-rich cannabis strains with low THC content.

If you’re considering buying CBD oil, it’s great to read a bit about thecannabidiol effects in your body so that you know just what you’re buying and how it is able to help you. CBD oil is increasing in popularity for a supplement and an alternate method of soothing the senses. Understanding how to make it is a good way to understand CBD, how it differs from THC, and how it impacts the body.

The Downside Risk of Cbd Cannabis Extraction

Ethanol is just one of several solvents utilized in cannabis extraction. It is excellent for processing a huge amount of marijuana if you’re looking to extract a single cannabinoid such as CBD or THC. It is the extraction method of choice for many companies because it doesn’t require high pressure like butane and CO2 which makes it safer. On the flip side, ethanol and olive oil were determined to be the best, largely due to their capacity to create an extract with a tall terpene content.

What You Need to Do About Cbd Cannabis Extraction

When the alcohol is totally evaporated, scrape the cannabis concentrate on a clean bit of wax parchment paper. It is a great tool and a very efficient solvent that can be used in different ways to achieve different results. If you’ve ever drunk grain alcohol, you’ve consumed ethanol.

The very first step in the procedure is to become as much water as possible from the material. When looking for premium quality, full-spectrum CBD oil, it’s critical that you understand what extraction procedure is being used to create each business’s hemp CBD extract solutions. The most essential part of the ice water extraction procedure is drying the last product.

Over the past few decades, CBD has gotten so popular that it’s currently being extracted, produced and manufactured into a wide scope of products, including edibles, CBD oils and possibly even creams. Also referred to as cannabidiol, CBD is just one of the several compounds found in the cannabis plant that is currently known to have various medicinal advantages. By comparison, CBD isn’t psychoactive, but it does promote positive changes within the body.

The Insider Secrets for Hello World

The Insider Secrets for Hello World

You will carry on to let it operate since you stop by this next report. Nothing might have assisted them longer. Yes, in the event that you should be doing Math.

If you should be capable of going into the candidate name in the writing box and vote and comprehend that the vote count increment, you’ve successfully created your own first program! A mortal mistake will be received by you! Because of this, you could need to change between one and the other based on which is not or working presently time.

An Unbiased Perspective on Can Cbd Enhance Memory

An Unbiased Perspective on Can Cbd Enhance Memory

The 5-Minute Rule for Can Cbd Enhance Memory

CBD assists in promoting sleep and can help you sleep much better. The CBD might be a close cousin of THC, but nevertheless, it doesn’t impact our memory whatsoever. CBD holds the secret to a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic effects which cannabis has to offer you. CBD has other benefits on health and is regarded as a pure remedy. At present, there’s nowhere near enough evidence to imply that CBD enhances the memory conclusively. CBD manages the consequences of anxiety and depression physically. Although CBD may not be in a position to allow you to keep in mind every detail of everything, it can definitely help to have people into the correct frame of mind for learning and memory.

If so, all you have to do is sharpen your memory. You can boost your memory just because you can improve math, computer or some other skills. Memory is really an intricate system of processes, and there are lots of variables that may impact any component of the memory chain. Additionally, new memories are fragile and can readily be forgotten. Thus, an effective and effective memory is essential for school success. Possessing a great memory comes with all these benefits. Keep in mind you’ve got completely nothing with no fantastic working reminiscence which gets results.

Sleep is extremely vital to boost your memory. Hence, it is going to safeguard your brain from traumas and disorders which could possibly be caused due to injuries. There are an assortment of ways, techniques and methods to arouse the brain. Everyone can currently receive a brain boost the pure method. Bettering overall brain operate may earn a huge influence on reminiscence.

There may be multiple explanations for why folks suffer from memory loss, therefore it is crucial to look at each reason separately with respect to how CBD could affect it. As a consequence, memory loss is just one of the very first signals of Alzheimer’s. Undeniably, nowadays, memory loss or forgetfulness appears to affect not just the men and women that are on their senior decades.

Since exercise is the very best thing you can do to help your entire body, it isn’t surprising to locate cognitive benefits too. Brain exercise needs to be incorporated into everybody’s life on a standard basis. Exercise for the brain is very important to seniors with dementia, but so is exercise for the remainder of the body. Aerobic exercise is particularly helpful for the brain and other organs, and it might stimulate memory. In order to improve memory, you want to practice a few true and tried memory building exercises that will improve your memory.

Can Cbd Enhance Memory — Overview

In some, the effects may be evident almost immediately after the very first capsule. Investigating the consequences of CBD on memory is not simple. Keep away from the use of alcohol when using CBD oil as it might create negative results. The internet effect is identical. There aren’t any adverse side effects.

Improving reminiscence necessitates awareness of the chance of forgetting and after that making an aware effort to produce use of some sort of memory device. Communication abilities become started to reduce, and it’s generally to be aware that people today who have dementia have an inclination to repeat the exact same points more than and more than once again without the necessity of getting conscious they’re performing so. The common capability of working memory is much lower than 7.