Book Writing Basics : Tips for Beginning Writers

hi I’m Brenda Martin from Bryn Mawr communications in Tampa Florida here to offer you tips for beginning writers if you’re like me you’ve always wanted to write and you were never quite sure how to start until one day you just finally did and that’s actually the answer the answer to be a beginning writer or any kind of writer at all is to write write and write some more brush up on your writing skills if it’s been a long time since you’ve been in high school or college or had a class take the community college class or a high school composition Creative Writing adult education don’t feel ashamed to go back to school and learn how to do it all over again you’d be surprised at how things have changed and yet haven’t changed at all review websites there’s lots and lots of information online you can query all kinds of things how to get writing tips how to write how to get schooling all kinds of things learn learn learn you can do it online you can do it through schools also join a writers group you can find a variety of groups everywhere in the country through meetup comm or your local librarian and other places like that Google writers groups in your zip code also learn to market yourself one thing you don’t really think about when you think about writing is the marketing of the writer you the writer your writing and your creativity all need to be marketed and guess who’s gonna be the primary sales rep for that at least initially you so even the greatest writers need to be marketed you need to learn how to write query letters cover letters and web content starting with your own website if you develop your own website it’s a great way to practice your writing and get it out there on a 24/7 ad campaign for the whole world to see all the things that you can write all the things that you do even if you’re not a webmaster find someone who’s willing to do websites who might barter with you who put together your website in exchange for you helping write content for other websites that they have clients in need of also write for nonprofits and other low budget newsletters as a way to get your work out there to practice and hone your skills and and meet people in the industry just to make connections and contacts you’re not going to do it for free forever but it is a great way to get yourself and your wares out there so people can see and read the kind of things that you write most importantly of all in addition to writing writing writing is believing that you have the talent you have the capability and you have the determination to follow it through and through believing in yourself writing on a daily basis and getting out there networking people you too can be a wonderful writer I’m Brenda Martin with Bren Mark Communications

Lab Report

alright ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a brief video on how to do a lab report I’ll try to do a standard one in other words what the template will look like all your lab reports keep in mind if there anything else that I need your add to the lab report please ask questions and the emails messages on Edmodo and I’ll try to address those questions as needed so the first thing you’re going to write on a lab report is you’re going to write the lab title okay lab title will go at the top our first lab of course was microscope lab 1 now below that will go your name below that will be for lab partners names then across from your name you’re gonna put the date in which we did the left not when it’s due but the day we actually did it now follow me from that below the lab title your name your lab partners names your skip the line and then you’re gonna put the pre lab question section ok and with the pre lab question I don’t want you to write the questions I just want you to write the number and then the answer and at least give a space in between each question that you do all right after the pre-lab questions then you’re going to put the purpose put a space between your purpose and then put the hypothesis remember — right and if then statement following the hypothesis you will put down the materials which all you’ll need to do for the materials is do it in a bullet point form after the bullet material after the materials do then proceed to the procedures yes you will write all these full procedures now as you can notice I’m just literally going chronologically through the actual document itself so nothing overly complicated then your next area will be your data with our microscope lab you will be drawing what you described when it was what you saw remember let’s just do what you should be in they would say you should draw the images that you drew from each of this microscope slides as well as labeling each of them as well after that you’ll put in your conclusion in your own words followed by your post lab questions and remember you can do the post lab questions to the exact same way you did your prelab just writing down the section called post lab I can do a pre lamp and then numbering in them and then answering them okay and make sure to leave the space in between now last but surely not least you will have a section called inquiry now by inquiry I just want you to simply write a question which could further expound upon our lab give it some further depth or some alternatives we could have done all right I hope this is helpful if you have any questions feel free to send me a message or ask me in class thank you


oh it’s no good I guess I was off to a good start dear Tim and Moby I’m simple I’m steep you’re in luck well I guess we’re in luck the five paragraph essay has a really specific format that you want to follow right you have to have a topic before you start the topic might be assigned by your teacher or you might get to choose it my essay is on of mice and men the book by John Steinbeck yeahmobi really liked it yeah it was a really good story anyway the first paragraph in a five paragraph essay is called the introductory paragraph this paragraph tells the reader what the essay is going to be about it’s where you grab the reader’s interest so it’s really important that you make it strong and concise your introduction needs to include a thesis statement this is your opinion about what you’re writing my thesis statement is loneliness is a central theme throughout John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men right it’s simple direct and you know immediately what my essay will be about after the thesis statement you want to cite three examples or subtopics that support your thesis one of my examples would be that at the end of the story George is ultimately forced to take an action that leaves him all alone okay then I got to come up with two more points to prove what I’m trying to say in my essay and my intro paragraph is done that’s true your intro paragraph is sort of a mini outline for your essay in paragraphs 2 3 & 4 you expand on those three subtopics that you identified in the intro paragraph each paragraph should have a topic sentence that restates one of the three supporting ideas presented in the first paragraph at the end of the story George is ultimately forced to take an action that leaves him alone that topic sentence needs support you need to explain how that example relates to your thesis Jorge ends Lenny’s life because he realizes that Lennie will most likely be killed Jorge is backed into a corner he is forced to do something he does not want to do when Jorge shoots Lennie he loses his constant friend and companion hey it’s pretty good my next two paragraphs will be like that one taking a point from my intro and expanding on it to prove my thesis the fifth paragraph of your essay is the conclusion in the conclusion you want to restate the thesis and the three supporting ideas in a powerful way that ties everything together it’s a lot like the intro paragraph except it should be stronger because now you have presented three paragraphs of evidence for your thesis claim I might start by adding emphasis with something like it is clear that loneliness is a central theme throughout John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men remember to use a transition phrase between one paragraph and the next so that they’re linked up oh you wrote you wrote your own essay can I can I read it